Common Types Of Oysters To Try


There are five major oyster species—Crassostrea gigas, Crassostrea sikamea, Crassostrea virginicas, Ostrea edulis and Ostrea lurida.

To put it in simpler terms, they are Pacific oysters, Kumamoto oysters, Atlantic oysters, European flats and Olympia oysters.

Pacific Oysters

Pacific (or Japanese) oysters tend to be meatier and creamier. Some popular types include Kusshi and Marin Miyagi.

Kumamoto Oysters

Kumamto oysters are more deeply cupped with smaller meats inside. However, these meats are usually a lot sweeter and easier to consume, even for beginners. It is also known as the ‘Chardonnay of oysters’.

Atlantic Oysters

Atlantic oysters are usually a lot bigger and they are most commonly found in North America. Their taste come with a slight metallic finish.

European Flats

Native to Europe, as per its apt name, the European Flat oyster is usually large and quite rare compared to other commercial types. They have their own unique taste that differs greatly from the rest—rich and extremely flavourful.

Olympia Oysters

The Olympia oysters are tiny and are almost extinct right now, hence it is the least common type of oyster found in this day and age.

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